Boards and Commissions

Parks and Recreation Board

Park and Recreation Board Members
Scott Herron - Chair
Foster Neill - Co-Chair

Ava Jarzabkowski |  Vicky Deur| Margaret Maynard | John Sparks |Sandy Gholston | Mary Hansen

The board meets the second Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm in the City of Big Rapids Commission Room


The Park and Recreation Board is created, and the duties are assigned, by Chapter 16 of the City Charter and are as follows:
    • Section 16.1 - Park and Recreation Board Organization. The Park and Recreation Board shall consist of nine members. Members of the Board serve without compensation. The City Manager, or a staff designee, shall be an ex-officio member of the Park and Recreation Board without vote and shall attend all meetings of the Park and Recreation Board.

    • Section 16.2 - Term of Office. Terms of office for Park and Recreation Board members shall begin on the first Monday in May and continue for three years. The terms shall be staggered so that not more than two terms expire each year. Whenever a position on the Park and Recreation Board becomes vacant, the Mayor and Commission shall proceed to fill the position in accordance with the Charter. No person shall serve more than three consecutive terms on the Board. However, a person appointed to fill a vacancy of which less than one-half term remains may be appointed to two consecutive full terms. The Clerk shall publicize all vacancies and solicit applicants through both public notices and newspaper advertisements during a 15-day period prior to a person's being nominated to fill such a vacancy.

    • Section 16.3 - Organization of Officers. On the first meeting in May each year, the Park and Recreation Board shall elect one of its members to be chairperson. In addition, the Park and Recreation Board shall elect other officers as the Board's rules of procedure require. The Clerk shall be secretary of the Board. No member shall serve as chairperson for more than two consecutive years.

    • Section 16.4 - Duties of the Board. The Park and Recreation Board, subject to the direction and ordinances of the Commission, shall be responsible for the care and management of all City parks, playgrounds and resting places, and all shade trees, shrubs and plants growing on City land.

    • Section 16.5 - Disposition of Revenues. All revenues derived from park operations shall be deposited with the treasurer who shall credit them to the general fund. Funds donated or granted for park purposes shall be used only for the purposes agreed to in receiving the funds. The funds shall be placed in the appropriate restricted accounts and disbursed at the direction of the Park and Recreation Board, subject to the approval of the Commission.

    • Section 16.6 - Amount to be Appropriated. Each year, at the request of the City Manager, the Park and Recreation Board shall present to the City Manager its estimate of the amount of money that should be appropriated for the next fiscal year to maintain the reports and conduct the programs under the jurisdiction of the Park and Recreation Board. The Commission, in its discretion, shall appropriate funds sufficient to maintain the properties and to conduct the programs directed by the Park and Recreation Board. Annually, the Park and Recreation Board shall also report to the Commission on its finances, activities, and programs.

    • Section 16.7 - Meetings. The Park and Recreation Board shall meet at least nine times each year. It shall adopt rules of procedure for transacting its business and keep a record of all its meetings.

  • Section 16.8 - Removal From Office. The Mayor, with the consent of the Commission, may remove any member of the Park and Recreation Board for misconduct or neglect of duty. The Mayor and Commission shall remove from office any member of the Park and Recreation Board who is absent from three consecutive meetings, unless the Park and Recreation Board excuses the absences and enters the reasons for absences in its official minutes.