Boards and Commissions

Planning Commission

Planning Commission Members
Sarah Montgomery - Chair
Jacob Buse - Vice Chair

Kate McLeod - Secretary
Rory Ruddick
Tim Vogel
Contact Joseph Walker, Planning and Zoning Technician, 231-592-4036, for more information.


The planning commission meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

Planning Commission's Bylaws and Rules of Procedure

Planning Commission Duties
The Duties of the planning commission are identified in Chapter 14 of the City Charter. These duties are outlined as follows:


Appointment and Establishment. The City Planning Commission is herby designated the Planning Commission as specified in Section 3, Act 285, Public Acts of Michigan 1931, as amended, and in Section 4, Act 207, Public Acts of Michigan 1921, and shall perform the duties of said Planning Commission as provided in these Acts together with such other powers and duties as are given to such Planning Commission by the provisions of this Ordinance, including authority to act on all matters requiring the approval or recommendation of such Planning Commission.

Powers and Duties. The Planning Commission is hereby authorized to:

  1.  Develop and administer this Ordinance.
  2. Consider all matters pertaining to the amendment of this Ordinance text or map or for a Conditional Use Permit request.
  3. Review those site plans authorized under Section 9.2 of this Ordinance.

14.1:3 Authority to Approve Uses. Whenever in this Ordinance the lawful exercise or existence of a use requires the approval of the Planning Commission, such Planning Commission is hereby authorized and directed to investigate the matter requiring such approval, to conduct a hearing thereon where required, to make a determination, to either grant or refuse the approval and to do all things reasonably necessary to the making of such investigation and determination, subject to the provisions of this Ordinance.

14.1:4 Rules of Procedure. The Planning Commission is hereby authorized to adopt Rules of Procedure consistent with the statutes of Michigan and the provisions of this Ordinance.

14.1:5 Surveys and Plans. Where the Planning Commission is empowered to approve certain uses of premises under the provisions of this Ordinance, or in cases where the Planning Commission is required to make an investigation, the applicant shall furnish such surveys, plans, or other information as may be reasonably required by said Planning Commission forthe proper consideration of the matter in accordance with the provisions of
this Ordinance.

14.1:6 Standards. In making any recommendations or approval authorized by the provisions of the Ordinance, the Planning Commission shall consider:

  1.  Whether or not there has been a compliance with the provisions of this Ordinance.
  2. Whether or not there is proper yard space, parking facilities, loading space, percentage of lot coverage, green belts, size of buildings, lot area and other conditions required by this Ordinance.
  3. Whether or not the use involved is in accord with the spirit and purposes of this Ordinance.
  4. Whether or not the use involved would constitute a public or private nuisance.
  5. Whether or not the use involved would disturb or interfere with the natural or planned development of the surrounding neighborhood.
  6. Whether or not the use involved would affect the natural or planned drainage system so as to deleteriously affect the surrounding neighborhood.