City Manager

City Manager

Office of the City Manager 
(231) 592-4058
City Manager - Mark Gifford

The Office of City Manager is headed by the City Manager, Mark Gifford, who is the Chief Administrative Officer of the City.  The City Manager reports to the City Commission on administration and performance of all functions of City government. 

The Office of the City Manager includes but is not limited to all the following responsibilities:

  • Personnel administration and employee relations;
  • Budget preparation and administration;
  • Planning and zoning administration;
  • Community and economic development administration;
  • The management and supervision of all public improvements, works, and undertakings of the City;
  • Purchasing goods and services;
  • Risk management;
  • Information system planning and management;
  • The preparing of plans and specifications, estimating costs, bid advertising, and supervising and approving work for any public work or special improvements;
  • Complaint handling and administration of complaint resolution systems; and
  • Programming and project initiation, analysis, research, and evaluation.

In addition to the powers and duties prescribed in the City Charter and the code of ordinances, the City Manager shall:

  • Direct, supervise, and administer the overall affairs and activities of the City in accordance with the policies established by the Commission;
  • Enforce all federal and state laws, the Charter, ordinances, rules and regulations adopted by the City Commission, and the provisions of the Code of Ordinances;
  • Adopt such administrative regulations and procedures in addition to, but not inconsistent with, the City Charter, the Code of Ordinances and the resolutions of the City Commission as shall be deemed necessary to provide for the adequate functioning of all departments;
  • Prescribe by regulation the duties, responsibilities, and qualifications of the officer and employees of the various City departments which are not otherwise provided for by City Charter or the Code of Ordinances;
  • Be permitted to set aside any action taken by any department head, and to supersede the functions, duties, and powers of that office; as to charter officers appointed by the Commission such action shall be subject to approval by the Commission;
  • Represent the City and assert its proper interests in relation to the state and other political subdivisions;
  • Designate self or assign any other officer or employee of the City to perform the duties and exercise the functions of any office or position during a vacancy until such vacancy is filled in accordance with the City Charter or an absence, disability, or inability from any cause during the time of such absence or disability;
  • Establish and maintain a system for the control of the expenditure of monies belonging to the City;
  • Submit a summary of departmental reports to the Commission within ten days of such reports being filed with the City Manager, except a summary of the annual reports shall be submitted within 30 days of being submitted to the City Manager;
  • Investigate all complaints and inquire into the affairs or operations of any department, office, or other agency, authority, board, or commission of the City, except that of the City Commission;
  • Prepare the agenda of business for all regularly scheduled meetings of the City Commission and other boards, commissions, and authorities of City government not inconsistent with federal and state laws, the City Charter, and the provisions of the Code of Ordinances;
  • Set the wages or salaries of employees in accordance with budget appropriations, except as otherwise provided for by the City Charter or collective bargaining agreements.