Community Development

Housing Study Report

Big Rapids is a community where more residents rent their home than own their home. While the City is not a developer and does not build housing, the City does have several roles to play in ensuring that residents of Big Rapids have the safe and attainable housing they wish to have.

Housing Study Report
In 2020, the City commissioned a study of the local housing market. View the full Housing Study Report. The final Report includes a narrative summary of the findings, two market potential analyses based on an aggressive and a conservative approach, a breakdown of the lifestyle clusters of Big Rapids residents, profiles of the target market for Big Rapids homeowners and renters,  movership rates, a real estate analysis, market parameters, residential building typology information, and a summary of Missing Middle Housing in Michigan. 

The findings of this report are being used by City staff, the Planning Commission, and the City Commission to analyze and amend City Ordinance and policies around housing, with the goal that Big Rapids has housing to meet the needs of current and future residents.

To help residents and developers understand the findings of this report, three educational presentations have been prepared. Please view the presentation slides below to learn more.
  • Presentation One:  An introduction to the housing market in Big Rapids, the basics of housing, and what is attainable housing?
  • Presentation Two:  A description of different housing types and who in the community would benefit if we had more housing types in Big Rapids.
  • Presentation Three:  A summary of the Housing Market Study and its findings.
If you have questions or comments after reviewing these presentations or the Report, please contact Community Development Director Paula Priebe at