Information Technology

Information Technology

Information Technology
(231)592-4033 - Information Technology
Tim Moslener- Director
Eric Haluska- IT Specialist
Craig Brockette- Network-Technical Services
Anthony Vu - Network Specialist

This department is responsible for maintaining and updating computers, telephones and telecommunications equipment. This department is also responsible for maintaining and updating the various software utilized by every department within the City.

As of January 2015  the City and County entered into a  contractual agreementwehre the City absorbs the County Technology Department into one resource.

Other responsibilities of the Information Management Department:

  • Computer purchases and upgrades.
  • Internet connectivity
  • Cable franchise negotiations and transfers
  • Network security
  • Telephone and network wiring
  • Voicemail and VOIP Systems
  • PC and server Installation, repair, maintenance and upgrades
  • Determining software and hardware needs for each department.
  • Connectivity between the City, Central Dispatch and Mecosta County for multi-user Police software systems
  • Day to day operations of the network systems
  • Coordination of technology purchases among various departments
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Document Imaging and retention
  • Purchase of Copiers and Fax Machines
  • Cell tower leases
  • Web Page Design and Maintenance