Marijuana Information

Frequently Asked Questions

When did the City decide to permit marihuana facilities?
The City Commission adopted ordinances to permit both Medical and Recreational (Adult Use) Marihuana businesses in the City of Big Rapids at their regular meeting on October 7, 2019.

Where is the application to apply for a Marihuana Facility Permit?
Applications for Marihuana Facility Permits are currently being developed. They will be available here on or before November 20, 2019, which is the deadline set in Ordinance No. 749-10-19, Section 116.118 A.

How many permits will be available?
The City has not set a limit on the number of available marihuana facility licenses for the following marihuana business types: Grower, Excess Grower, Processor, Secure Transporter, Retailer/Provisioning Center, Safety Compliance Facility, and Microbusiness.  Designated Marihuana Consumption Establishments are prohibited. Please see Ordinance No. 749-10-19 Section 116.113 for Medical Marihuana Facilities and Ordinance No. 751-10-19 Section 116.210-116.211 for Recreational/Adult Use Marihuana Facilities. 

In which zoning districts will marihuana businesses be permitted? Is there a Marihuana Overlay Zone?
Marihuana Retailers/Provisioning Centers, Safety Compliance Facilities, and Microbusinesses may be permitted in the C-1, C-2, and C-3 Commercial Districts. Marihuana Growers, Excess Growers, Processors, Safety Compliance Facilities, and Secure Transporters may be permitted as a a special land use in the Industrial District. There is further Marihuana Overlay Zone.

What are the setback requirements for marihuana facility locations?
Marihuana facilities will not be allowed within 500 feet of a K-12 School.  No additional setbacks are required. There is no setback requirement from other marihuana facilities.