Apparatus and Equipment

Rescue One is a basic life support, non-transporting unit that is first due for all medical calls in the coverage area.  The apparatus carries medical equipment to handle all medical emergencies.  This includes, the Lucas II automatic CPR machine, airway management equipment, pediatric and OB equipment, back boards and spinal immobilization equipment, and emergency medical technician – basic level medications. 

Engine Two responds to fire calls and is also a basic life support unit, carrying most of the same medical equipment that can be found on rescue one.  Engine Two has a 1250 gallon per minute pump and is equipped with fire suppression equipment.  Engine Two is also equipped with vehicle extrication equipment, including the jaws of life, air bags for lifting and stabilization material, making it the first apparatus out for all vehicle collision calls.

Grass Rig Three and Five are equipped to handle wild land grass fires in the coverage area.  The two, four-wheel drive, ¾ ton pickups carry 300 gallons of water each and have 180 gallon per minute pumps.  Grass Rig three is also used to transport the rescue boat to emergencies on the water while Grass Rig five is used to direct traffic and responds with Engine two on vehicle accident scenes.

Ladder Six is a rear mounted, 105’ ladder/ platform.  This apparatus has many uses on any fire and rescue scene.  The ladder has a 1500 gallon per minute pump and can be used as an elevated master stream on large scale structure fires.  The ladder also carries rope rescue equipment used on low, steep or high angle rescue incidents.  The platform is equipped with five high power halogen scene lights, making it great for night time operations. 

Tender seven and eight are used for fire incidents that are outside of areas with fire hydrants.  The tenders carry a combined 4000 gallons of water and are equipped with pumps that can be used for fire suppression.  These trucks also carry small equipment for personnel to aid in fire suppression activities. 

The fire division responds to hazardous material incidents and is equipped with a HazMat / Incident command trailer.  This trailer is outfitted with hazardous material decontamination equipment, which includes inflatable tents, water collection tank and heaters.  All members of the department are trained annually on the use of this equipment.  This asset is available for regional response for both HazMat and incident management.

The fire division houses the Mecosta County Dive Team unit and has members that are active on the dive team. 

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