Specialized Services

  • Hazardous Materials Response:
    • The fire division responds to all HazMat incidents at an operations level and has the equipment and trained personnel to assemble decontamination operations. 
  • Swift Water/ Ice Rescue Response:
    • The fire division is equipped with a rescue boat, capable of managing any water rescue operation in the coverage area.  The division works closely with the Mecosta County Dive Team, assisting with setting up search cables across the river and maneuvering the dive boat for the county divers.  The Fire Division has members that are currently active with the Mecosta Dive Team.  Ice rescue equipment is also transported with the boat to all incidences and includes ice spikes, cold water dry suits, throw bags and life jackets.
  • Fire Investigation:
    • Members of the department are part of the county fire investigation team.  These members are trained to find the origin and cause of fire, and assist in arson investigation.
  • Rope Rescue:
    • Members of the department are part of a county wide, low, steep and high angle rescue team.  These highly trained members can set up rigging necessary for high angle rescue and rappel operations. 
  • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC)
    • Members are trained to administer emergency medical care during high level trauma incidents.  This training specializes in swift extrication, triage and rapid treatment of trauma victims
  • Training and Education:
    • The Division offers in house CPR and first aid training to those who are interested.   Our instructors are American Heart Association (AHA) certified instructors and offer CPR classes for both the average citizen as well as the medical professional.  These classes are sponsored by the (AHA) and upon successful completion, the students receive an AHA certification card.  Class sizes can vary and fees are minimal.  To schedule an appointment or for further information call 231 527-0024.
    • The fire division provides fire extinguisher training and holds many classes with Ferris State housing complexes and businesses within the city.
    •  The fire division also assists with in home fire escape plans, offers fire safety tips and provides smoke alarms to residents in the division’s coverage area.  For more information call 231 527-0024