Community Outreach

Dog Walker Watch

The Big Rapids Department of Public Safety is committed to keeping the citizens of our community safe, and we are excited to announce a new Community Safety Program!

Dog Walker Watch is one of our efforts to improve safety and prevent crime in Big Rapids. Dog Walker Watch, initially created by the National Association of Town Watch, is designed to increase the number of trained "eyes and ears” in our community. Dog Walker Watch allows you to improve the safety of the community on your own schedule while doing something you enjoy.

Dog Walker Watch Training is open to all Big Rapids residents as well as those who walk in/through Big Rapids. During training, we will show you what to look for and make sure you know who and how to call if you see something that police need to check on. We will also share some safety tips for you and for your pet.  It is not required that you have a dog to participate in this training, and in fact, training is for humans only. Anyone who walks and is interested in learning more about what to do to improve personal safety and recognize crime risks in the community is welcome to attend!

If you are interested in attending the Dog Walker Watch training, please e-mail with your name, address, telephone number, and email address, or call Officer William Sell at 231-527-0005.