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Trust and Transparency

           Trust and transparency are critical components of a sustainable relationship.  Big Rapids Department of Public Safety strives to maintain a trusting and positive relationship with our community and wants to have information readily available to grow our partnership. On this page you will find information on Body Worn Cameras (BWC) and how to make a formal complaint or comment concerning an officer or the department.  Additionally, there are links to our department policies on use of force and rendering aid, biased based policing and crisis intervention. These policies are subject to change due to court case law application, legislative law creation or updating, and/or updates in police tactics.

Body-Worn Cameras

           The Big Rapids Police Department has implemented the use of Body Worn Cameras (BWC). BWC’s are valuable tools that can help to provide accountability for law enforcement and the people we serve. This integrated system with our police cruiser camera system allows for maximum coverage for police and community interactions. 

Formal Complaint Process

            If you have a complaint concerning one of our employees, the complaint can be made in two ways. The first way is to come to the Big Rapids Department of Public Safety at 435 N. Michigan Ave Big Rapids, MI. 49307. You'll be directed to speak with the on-duty supervisor and fill out the appropriate form. The second is to complete, digitally sign and submit the online complaint form located under of our Public Safety Forms page or click HERE. The form will be sent to the administration to be assigned to an investigator for follow up.

           However you choose, we believe in having the highest amount of accountability and integrity.  If you believe an officer was acting inappropriately or unlawfully, we want to hear from you directly.


We also would love to hear from you if your interaction with our officer or staff was exceptional. Visit our Facebook page and send us message, write us a note, or stop by the department in person. 

Big Rapids Police Department Policies

  1.  Use of Force Policy
  2.  Biased Based Policing Policy
  3.  Crisis Intervention Incidents Policy