Staff Directory

See the list below for a full police staff directory. At this time the directory phone numbers for most officers is (231) 527-0005. This number is the main office number, once there you will be able to either speak with the administrative staff or use the telephone prompt system to reach your desired party using their phone extension number.
Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Police Division - Sergeant Jeff Hauger Police Sergeant (231)-527-0005 x: 1018
Police Department Danielle Haynes Chief of Police (231)-527-0005 x: 1016
Police Division - Sergeant Scott Paquette Police Sergeant (231)-527-0005 x: 1037
Police Division - Accreditation Liz West Accreditation Manager (231)-527-0005 x: 1218
Police Division - Sergeant David Flore Detective Sergeant (231)-527-0005 x: 1200
Police Division - Patrol Miguel Galley Police Officer (231)-527-0005 x: 1215
Police Division - Patrol Tyler Haynes Detective (231)-527-0005 x: 1224
Police Division - Patrol Lorne Juday Police Officer (231)-527-0005 x: 1221
Police Division - Patrol Chad Kinsey Police Officer (231)-527-0005 x: 1225
Police Division - Patrol Jason Kuiawa Police Officer (231)-527-0005 x: 1201
Police Division - Sergeant Ryan Myers Police Sergeant (231)-527-0005 x: 1219
Administration Staff April Decator Office Coordinator (231)-527-0005 x: 1005
Police Division - Patrol Bill Sell Police Officer - Community Relations and Crime Prevention (CRCP) (231)-527-0005 x: 1036
Police Division - Sergeant Tom Tanner Police Sergeant (232)-527-0005 x: 1229
Police Division - Patrol Kasey Metcalf Police Officer (231)-527-0005 x: 1226
Police Division- Patrol Heather Butts Police Officer (231)-527-0005 x: 1220
Police Division- Patrol Brian Hunt Police Officer (231)-527-0005 x: 1216
Police Division- Patrol Andre Torres Police Officer-School Resource Officer (231)-527-0005 x: 1222
Police Division- Patrol Ryan Dornbos Police Officer (231)-527-0005 x: 1203
Police Division- Patrol Gage Rose Police Officer (231)-527-0005 x: 1217