Public Works

Public Works

Public Works Department
226 North Michigan Avenue

Heather Bowman -
Director (231) 592-4018

Matt Ruelle-
Engineering Technician (231) 592-4021

Cody Wyman -
Engineering Technician (231) 592-4019

Jake Walston -
Street Superintendent (231)796-8542

Scott Moore-
Assistant Superintendent (231) 796-8542

Trina Poulos
Administrative Assistant (231) 592-4015

Divisions of Public Works

The Public Works department houses many other departments under it, including parks and recreation, Dial A Ride, city garage, the airport, and the community pool

The Department of Public Works includes the following functions and responsibilities:

  • Maintaining and repairing infrastructure owned by the City, including but not limited to roadways, sidewalks, curbs and gutters and the water distribution, storm water collection, and wastewater collection systems and appurtenances
  • Installing and maintaining facilities in and along the right-of-way of and within the City, including, but not limited to traffic signs and signals, directional signs, and street name signs
  • Operating a central garage and repairing, maintaining, and housing City-owned vehicles and equipment
  • Operating and maintaining City-owned parks, playgrounds, and swimming pool
  • Operating City-sponsored recreation program
  • Planting and maintaining trees and other vegetation on rights-of-way and property owned by the City
  • Maintaining buildings and grounds owned by the City, except as provided for by the City Charter or the Code of Ordinances
  • Surveying and mapping any public utility or property owned by the City;
  • Inspecting construction and major maintenance work on any City-owned facility, utility, improvement or property;
  • Pumping, purifying, and filtering water supplied to the distribution system and elevated water storage tanks associated with the system;
  • Maintaining and operating the wastewater plant and the lift, metering, and sampling stations associated with the collection system; and
  • Any other functions and responsibilities which may be assigned to this department by the City code or the City Manager