Public Works

Tree Planting Program

The City has an annual tree planting program available to residents who are interested in sharing the cost of a new tree to be planted in the public right of way (between the sidewalk and the street) of their home.  Orders are taken throughout the year, with October 1 being the deadline for placing and order.

The cost for each tree is shared between the homeowner and the City. Payment of $75 is due at time of request.   The City will solicit quotes during the month of September and planting takes place generally during the months of October and November.

Please contact (231)592-4015 for more information on this program.  Click here for the order form.

Tree Varieties

The species of trees that have been offered in the past for planting in the public right of way are dependent on the varieties available at nursery’s.  Requests can be made for a specific tree when placing an order with the Public Works office, however cannot be guaranteed based on availability at the nursery.

Available Tree Varieties for Fall 2024 Planting Season

These trees are perfect under utility lines and in smaller public right of way areas:

  • Autumn Brilliance Juneberry:  Forms a dense, oval habit and produces masses of spring flowers that open light pink and turn white; produces purplish-black fruit which the birds love; dramatic fall color of orange, red and yellow.  Fast growing.  Mature height of 15-20 feet.
  • Crabapple (variety):  Few ornamental trees offer the variety of tree shapes, sizes, flower colors and ornamental fruits as these.  Blossoms open from pink or red buds and change to paler shades after opening, lasting for several weeks.  The fruits are colorful and last into the winter providing food for birds.  Mature height:  15-25 feet.
  • Eastern Redbud:  A breath of fresh air after a long winter.  Distinguishable by divided, multiple trunks and a graceful, rounded crown.  A gift of spring with showy pink flowers in early spring lasting for 2 to 3 weeks.  Hardy adaptability.  Mature height 20 - 30 feet.


These trees must not be planted under utility lines.  The public right of way must be greater than 48 inches in width:

  • Cleveland Pear:  A profusion of pure white springtime blossoms, simple oval leaves that are dark green in the summer, with a variety in the fall.  Yields hard pea-sized to 1" fruit that is brownish or russet colored which persists into the winter.  Mature height of 30-40 feet. 
  • Greenspire Linden:  Tiny yellow, fragrant flowers appear in early summer and small, heart-shaped green leaves which turn yellow in fall.  Fairly fast growing.  Mature height 30 -50 feet.
  • Gingko:  Distinct, beautiful tree.  Fan-shaped bright green leaves that turn a stunning yellow in the fall.  Grows at a medium rate.  Mature height 25 – 50 feet.
  • Tulip Tree:  Leaves are 3-6" long with distinctive lobes, flat base and two ear-like tips turning vibrant yellow in the fall. Tulip-shaped flowers with greenish-yellow petals with a splash of orange at the base.  Attractive shape and interesting reddish bark with white markings provide year –round interest. Fast growing.  Mature height:  70 – 90 feet.


Per Ordinance 93.03 Prohibited Varieties.

No person except the City, shall plant, remove or destroy any ornamental shade tree or shrub in any public right of way; or plant any poplar, box elder, basswood, cottonwood, willow, soft maple, common catalpa, horse chestnut, or “ailanthus glandulosa” tree anywhere within the City without first procuring permission from the City Public Works Department.


Planting Location

New trees cannot be planted where a tree was recently removed because of the root mass still under ground.   Homeowners requesting a tree will need to mark the location where the tree is to be planted.  City staff will verify the tree requested can be planted in the marked location before planting occurs.


Tree Maintenance Program

The Public Works Department provides maintenance for trees located in the right-of-way areas and on city property. This includes watering trees for one year, trimming, removal, stump grinding and restoration. When necessary, the City contracts with a company for these items.


Reporting Trees for Maintenance

Please report the following to the Public Works Department:

Diseased trees, or suspected diseased trees

Low-hanging branches or other unsafe conditions