Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant

730 Osceola
Steve Cook - Superintendent

Water Plant

The Fresh Water Treatment Plant is responsible for the maintenance of clean drinking water for the City of Big Rapids. From its main plant on 730 Osceola, the Water Treatment Plant treats groundwater and transports it to your home or business.

This department is also responsible for the metering and maintenance of all water lines throughout the City of Big Rapids.

Users of the Big Rapids water system are blessed with an abundant source of groundwater. The water is withdrawn by one or more of the four wells, which have a combined capacity of 3,750 gallons per minute. The water is transmitted to the water treatment plant where the water is settled, disinfected and filtered before being pumped to the distribution system. Trace amounts of fluoride are added to reduce dental caries. Plant staff routinely monitor and test the water to ensure that it meets all federal and state drinking water standards.

Questions may be addressed by calling the water plant staff at 231-796-6231.