City Treasurer- Carla Staffen
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Fax: (231)592-4011

The position of City Treasurer is established by the City Charter. The City Treasurer is appointed by a majority vote of the entire Commission for an indefinite term. According to City Charter, the Treasurer shall have custody of all monies of the City and shall perform all other duties prescribed by law, the Charter, or the Commission.

The Treasurer's Office has responsibility for safeguarding the assets of the City. This is accomplished in part by maintaining a comprehensive financial system that administers, records, and reports all financial transactions. The financial information must be current, accurate, and relative in order to provide for the need and decisions of the City Commission, City Manager, Department Heads, state and federal agencies and interested citizens.

The Treasurer and staff are also responsible for annual budget preparation, accounting and control, payroll, purchasing, utility billing, risk management, investments, debt management, income tax administration, retirement administration, and accounts payable.

The City of Big Rapids issues an Annual Comprehensive Financial Report(ACFR) annually. Copies of the ACFR are on file at the Big Rapids Community Library or are available in the Treasurer's Office. The Treasurer's Office is proud to report the FY 2019 ACFR for the City has been issued the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting by the Government Finance Officers Association.

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