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Who must file a City of Big Rapids Income Tax Return?

What are the voting precincts?

What is considered taxable income?

When is yard waste picked up?

What is the due date of my tax return?

Where do I report blight conditions or unkempt lawns/property?

Who is responsible for clearing the snow and ice from a sidewalk?

I'm in need of a permit - Who do I call?

Who do I contact to rent a pavilion in the City Parks and what is the cost?

I have a water or sewer problem. Who do I call?

When do the winter parking regulations go in effect?

I have a pile of tree limbs, leaves and other yard debris from the clean up we did over the weekend. Do you have a place where I can take this to?

What day is trash picked up in the City?

If I want to have a special event in the City, what forms do I need and where can I find them?

What are the guidelines for sanitation services for residential customers?

I am having a problem with a skunk, does the City have a trap that I can use?

Are there any requirements for persons married filing an income tax return jointly or separately?

I borrowed a live trap from the City and have caught something in it. What do I do now?

I have a large item that I need to throw away. How can I get this item removed and when will it be removed?

I have a question regarding planting within the Public right of way. Who do I contact?

What is the definition of a resident/non-resident?

I attend Ferris. Is there anything different about my income tax return?

I'm not entirely sure my first question was delivered but the ornamental grasses in the huge pots around town what do you do with them?