Who to Call

City of Big Rapids - Who Should I Call?
Police, Fire, or Medical Emergency call 911
(231)796-4811 Central Dispatch Non-Emergency

Department Name Question/Problem Phone
Mecosta County Clerk Birth Certificates (231)-592-0783
Treasurer's Office Brush (231)-592-4005
Mecosta County Building and Electrical Inspection (231)-592-0105
Fire Division Burning Permits (231)-527-0024
Clerk's Office Business Licenses (231)-592-4020
Human Resources City Employment and Benefits/Union Contracts (231)-592-4007
Clerk's Office City Ordinances/Records/Policies, Requests for City Legislation (231)-592-4020
Human Resources Claims Against City - Accident/property/personal injury (231)-592-4007
Public Relations/Communications City Public Relations (231)-592-4040
Community Development Code Enforcement, Property Maintenance, Fence and Sign Permits, Rental Inspections (231)-592-4035
Public Works Curb Lawn Trees: Diseased or Removal (231)-592-4015
Public Works Curb Lawn Trees: limb hanging in tree or street (231)-592-4015
Public Works Curb Lawn Trees: Storm Damage (231)-592-4015
Public Works Curb Lawn Trees: Trimming (231)-592-4015
Public Works Dead Animal in Street (231)-592-4015
Community Development Economic or Community Development, Obsolete Property Rehab Districts (231)-592-4035
Department of Public Safety Fire (Non-Emergency)Operations (231)-527-0005
Clerk's Office Freedom Of Information (FOIA) - General (231)-592-4020
Public Safety Freedom Of Information (FOIA) - Police/Fire (231)-527-0005
Public Works Glass in Street (231)-592-4015
Income Tax Department Income Tax (231)-592-4012
Big Rapids Library Literacy Information, Public Internet Access, Genealogy, Books, Children's Programs (231)-796-5234
Miss Dig Locate Utilities, Water Line, Sewer Line (800)-482-7171
Mecosta County Clerk Marriage Licenses (231)-592-0783
Community Development Planning, Plan Board, Setback, Site Plan Review (231)-592-4035
Department of Public Safety Police (Non-Emergency) Operations (231)-527-0005
Central Dispatch Police, Fire, Medical Emergency (911)-___-____
Central Dispatch Police, Fire, Medical Non-Emergency (231)-796-4811
Treasurer's Office Purchasing, Sealed Bids (231)-592-4004
Public Works Recreation Department (231)-592-4038
Utility Billing Recycling Questions (231)-592-4005
Public Works Sewer Inspection (231)-592-4015
Central Dispatch Shut off Water (after 5 pm) (231)-796-4811
Utility Billing Shut off Water (leak) (231)-592-4005
Utility Billing Shut off Water (moving) (231)-592-4005
Public Works Special Events/Permits (231)-592-4015
Public Works Trash in Street (231)-592-4015
Public Works Trash in Street (from a contractor) (231)-592-4015
Clerk's Office Voter Registration, Elections, Absentee Ballots (231)-592-4020
Treasurer's Office WASTE/TRASH QUESTIONS (231)-592-4005
Republic Services Waste/Trash Removal (Contractor) (888)-707-3867
Treasurer's Office Waste/Trash Removal Concerns During Business Hours (231)-592-4005
Public Works Water & Sewer Requirements (231)-592-4015
Utility Billing Water / Sewer Billing & Collection (231)-592-4005
Central Dispatch Water Backup in Basement (after 5pm and weekends) (231)-796-4811
Public Works Water Backup in Basement (before 5pm weekdays) (231)-592-4015
Central Dispatch Water Bubbling in Street (after 5pm and on weekends) (231)-796-4811
Public Works Water Bubbling in Street (before 5 pm weekdays) (231)-592-4015
Public Works Water Connection Fees (231)-592-4015
Public Works Water Inspection (231)-592-4015
Water Department Water Meters (231)-796-6231
Public Works Wood Chips/Mulch (231)-592-4015
Community Development Zoning regulations, enforcement, and Board of Appeals (231)-592-4035
Public Works Replace Curb or Sidewalk (231)-592-4015
Public Works Stop/Street Sign Down (231)-592-4015
Public Works Street Light Out (231)-592-4015
Public Works Traffic Count (231)-592-4021
Central Dispatch Traffic Signal Out (231)-796-4811