Big Rapids Festival of the Arts 2019 Mural Project RFP

The Big Rapids Festival of the Arts is seeking proposals for a public art mural project.  Mural artists are invited to submit a proposal for this exciting opportunity to provide a large-scale work of art to be displayed in Downtown Big Rapids, Michigan.  This will be the 4th mural project organized by the Big Rapids Festival of the Arts over the past 5 years.

Project Goal

One of the goals of the Big Rapids Festival of the Arts is to provide art to the community in a way that it is accessible to everyone.  It is our belief that public art (murals, sculptures etc.) is an excellent way to accomplish that goal. 

Mural Location and Specifics

This mural will be displayed on the west wall of the JCPenney Store building located at 125 South Michigan Avenue, Big Rapids, MI.  The mural wall site is approximately 40 feet long and 16 feet high.  The artist will use their own discretion in determining how their design will fit on the wall. 


The total budget for the artist is $10,000.  This RFP seeks proposals inclusive of all costs associated with mural’s design, creation and delivery to Big Rapids, MI.

Project Considerations

  • There is no theme for the mural project.  The artist will be allowed to exercise their artistic prowess to create a one of a kind piece of art. 
  • Painting will not be allowed directly on the building.  The mural will be painted on panels that will mounted on the wall. 
  • Design a work that fits well within the context of the site.
  • Use materials of the highest quality, designed and fabricated for durability and low maintenance.
  • Complete the project within the specified period and within budget.
  • Artist may be asked to participate and/or oversee installation.  Installation will be handled at the expense of the City of Big Rapids.
  • Artist may be asked to participate in press/media related opportunities as they arise.



August 21, 2019                                                Announcement and distribution of RFP
September 27, 2019                                        Deadline for receipt of proposal materials
September 27 – October 11, 2019         Review of proposals
October 14, 2019                                              Artist Selected
February 24, 2020                                            Mural delivered to Big Rapids Michigan

All proposal materials must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on September 27, 2019.  The artist may submit materials via email to  Proposals may also be mailed, or hand delivered to:

Big Rapids Festival of the Arts
Mural RFP
226 North Michigan Avenue,
Big Rapids, MI 49307.

Any questions regarding this RFP can be directed to Mark Gifford, 231-250-8177.

Proposal Requirements

A complete proposal will include the items listed below and incomplete proposals may not be considered:

  1. Contact information, name address telephone number and email address.
  2. Biographical information including previous experience.
  3. Written narrative describing the artistic vision and proposal.
  4. Detailed sketch or image of the proposed work.
  5. Detailed list of all materials used for the project.