Spring Leaf Pickup Schedule

City of Big Rapids

Department of Public Works




Spring Leaf Pick Up                         

The City will be performing a one-time spring leaf pick-up through April 11, 2020.  Crews will be making daily trips around the city to pick up any piles.


  • Rake leave into piles in the street about one foot from the curb or edge of the pavement, leaving this space allows storm water to run into the gutters.
  • Remove vehicles from street parking during the leaf pickup.
  • Wet the leaves to prevent blowing, if needed.
  • If you live on State Street, Maple Street, Colburn Avenue, or S. Third Avenue, please rake leaves up to the curb only, do not put them in the street.



  • Don’t use plastic bags for leaves- keep them loose.
  • Don’t put other debris into leaf piles, i.e. rocks, tree limbs, wood.
  • Don’t park cars over dry leaves as this may start a fire.