Yard Waste Collection Begins

Yard Waste is picked up every Monday now until November.  Yard waste consists of:
  • grass clippings
  • leaves
  • twigs, small branches
    • branches must be no larger than 2" in diameter, no longer than 4ft in length
    • must be tied in bundles weighing no more than 50lbs
    • maximum of four bundles a week
Yard waste should be place in brown lawn and leaf bags, or a separate container clearly marked "YARD WASTE."  Yard waste will not be taken in plastic bags.
Yard waste bags and containers shall not weigh more than 50lbs per container.

Yard waste bags are available in the Treasurer's Office (5 bags for $2.25)
Stickers to designate a container for "Yard Waste" are available in the Treasurer's Office free of charge.
Yard waste pick up is in the same location as your trash service (alley or street)

If you have any questions please call 231-592-4005